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A variety of laser marking systems  and laser fume collection devices are presented as solutions to your product identification challenges.

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Green-Lase Series - 532nm Green Laser Marking Systems; 4 & 10 watt

The Green-Lase 4W and 10W laser sources and laser markers operate on the V-Lase platform and use Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) in an intracavity architecture which maximizes LBO non-linear crystal conversion efficiency. The Green-Lase 532nm wavelength results in a lower “heat affected zone” as compared with an infrared laser. This effective laser source thus offers significant advantages in marking applications with materials such as plastics that do not interact with the original infrared wavelength, as well as with semiconductors such as silicon (e.g. wafer marking). Superior absorption coefficient in semiconductor material used in solar cells makes this source ideal for photovoltaic applications (e.g.: thin film scribing).

Green-Lase laser marker @ 532 nm

The Green-Lase product series of laser markers has been developed to satisfy the requirements of laser marking applications in automotive, electronics, solar and more.

Green-Lase lasers are ideal for use on plastics (when not sensitive to IR) and thin film ablation applications as well as the marking on silicon, semiconductors and related applications in the electronics industry.

  • Easy integration and configuration
  • High reliability
  • Lower “heat affected zone”
  • Ideal solution for PCB marking
  • Excellent marking results on semiconductors and silicon and on materials such as non-doped plastics not interacting with infared
  • State-of-the art, user-friendly, laser marking software
  • Sharp ... crisp ... superbly defined ... outstanding chracters
  The V-Lase platform derives from the long experience in the production of high performance and high quality DPSS laser sources.

The V-Lase @ 532nm use state-of-the-art End Pumped Coupling Technology which represents the leading-edge solution in the feld of laser sources. The green-lase platform is characterized by a standard compact case, continuous and precise power control and low power consumption. Moreover, special attention has been paid to laser safety. The proprietary end-pumped architecture using a TE cooled diode laser pump with unmatched MTBF assures the reliability and availability of the system.

The V-Lase platform offers lasers with excellent beam quality, high peak power and short pulse width. The operator is able to precisely tune the power and pulse repetition rate. Very high brilliance in the laser spot at longer focal lengths makes the V-Lase platform ideal for marking a broad range of materials ... even with large marking fields.

Designed for very demanding 24/7 processes, the V-Lase platform offers unparalleled performance and represents the ideal solution for both direct part marking and label marking in every market segment including automotive, solar & electronics, packaging, as well as in medical surgical tools marking and other applications.

Wavelength 532nm 532nm
Average Power Output (Typical) 4W ± 5% @ 50kHz 10W ± 5% @ 50kHz
Repetition Range Rate 15 – 200kHz 20 – 200kHz*
Pulse Width 20ns @ 50kHz @ 100% Current Level 218ns @ 50kHz @ 100% Current Level
Max Pulse Engergy (typical) 200uJ @ 20kHz 340uJ @ 20kHz
Aiming Beam Class 2M Red Laser Diode; λ=635nm +/-5nm; 3mW
Temperature Range Operational 10°C to 35°C; Storing 0°C to 50°C
Cooling System Air cooled
Power Supply DC 24V:28V+/- 5%
Laser power Consumption Typical 450 W; maximum 600 W
Connectivity I/0 signal; RS 232 & Ethernet for monitoring
Optical Fiber Length Sl ST600F D80LKA, 3m length; allowable bend radius 150 mm
Rack Dimension & Weight 114 x 119 x 526 mm                      7 kg
ECC Rules Compliance 2004/108/EEC: "Electromagnetic Compatibility"
2006/95/EEC: "Low Voltage"
EU Standard Compliance EN 61000-6-4, EN 61000-6-2, EN60204-1, EN60825-1
Standard Marking Configuration Basic---+ BEX 4X, MiniScan8_ 532nm, f-theta 160S
Evo---+ BEX 4X, MiniScan8_ 532nm with f-theta 160S, with Mechanical Shutter & Power Meter
Options Beam Expander: 2X, 6X, 7.5X, 9X

Objective F-Theta (mm) 63S 100S 160S 254S Laser lens  
Working Distance (mm) 71 115 181 290  
Working Area (mm x mm) 35 x 35 50 x 50 100 x 100  140 x 140 S (small) > Ø = 47mm
- Other focal lengths available upon request -    

  This Green-Lase laser marker product series has been developed to meet the requirements of the automotive, electronics, solar, etc. industries.

Examples are marking of plastic (when not sensitive to IR) and silicon solar cells.
  Green-laser laser marked solar cell Green-lase marking of plastic material  
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